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Country House for sale - San Carlos, Maldonado

Live/Work Property

This listing offers a number of valuable assets at low cost: for $135,000 the owner of this property enjoys 2 hectares of land, a simple but comfortable 2 bedroom house, plus a retail location that fronts onto a street with tourist traffic and, perhaps most notable, an annual property tax bill less than the cost of bottle of wine.

The lot extends from the road to a creek at the far end and is fenced on the sides. The creek is home to a grove of native trees. There are 3 ponds, 2 fairly shallow, and 1 closer to the creek which is much deeper and always has plenty of water.

The house is a converted warehouse set back from the road about 10 meters with a nice little front garden and room for guest parking out front. Adjoining the house to the right is a garage that also has a very basic, small bathroom and kitchenette. One enters through the living area with a huge fireplace, beyond which is the large kitchen as seen in the photos. The roof over the kitchen and bedrooms is of concrete pitched such that the owners collect rain water for the garden from the eaves. Beyond the kitchen, the roof is sheet metal and implying it was an outdoor veranda at one time, now enclosed and used as a dining area with the barbecue and antique wood stove . Off the back of this area is a small greenhouse with tomatoes, basil and other herbs and veggies. To the right of the house lie the two nice sized bedrooms that share a full bathroom. With a little work on finishing and aesthetics, this house could polish up very nicely.

On the other side, separated by 15 meters of land and a gate, in it’s own defined lot of 500 sqm, is constructed a retail space with the front open to the street and at the back an enclosed area with a bar at one end and the rest open floor space. You can pass through sliding doors to access the yard behind.

The area is far enough to be peaceful yet close enough to be served by all utilities. The homeowners use well water or cooking and bathing however OSE passes in front if water from the state utility is preferred. As the location is not far from San Carlos there is electricity, cell service, wifi and cable TV service. Road traffic is light but steady and increases during commuting hours for those who work in La Barra.

The type of deed for this property is referred to as "parte indivisa" where a lot, in this case of 5 hectares, is divided up in a legal manner similar to owners within a condominium. At one time, collectively, the owners looked into having the property divided into separate padrones but decided against it since at some future date the municipality will rezone the area anyway and will have to do the work of subdividing the land. In the meantime, the zoning remains rural resulting in property taxes amounting to almost nothing.