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House for sale - Punta Negra, Maldonado

If you build it...

Handy with tools? Opportunity in Punta Negra with fully equipped container and partially constructed house on a double lot with mature trees and handy to public transport. The house plans are available, the infrastructure is in place, and all that is needed is someone to complete the very nicely designed house. In the meantime, the large container is completely outfitted for you to stay in with bedroom, bathroom with tub, on-demand hot water, wood stove, kitchen, dining table and even a storage space for tools, bicycles, etc. A short walk to the beach, fully fenced and equipped with veggie garden and lodging for doggies, the location is to be enjoyed for the neighborhood feel. Nearby is a community center with family exercise programs, meetings regarding topics of interest to those who are environmentally conscious and organic living. Easy access to transport allows the opportunity to live with minimal car use. The house is lined with protection against radiation from cell towers for your protection.